Getting a Brilliant Brand Cleaning

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Getting a Brilliant Brand Cleaning

See something new? Something more than just a website? A new logo? A clean and sleek look we’ve created? How does it make you feel? Does it resonate? It’s our sincere hope that it does and that you come to understand the answer to the question…

Why did Asheville Dental make a fresh start in 2017?

Just like getting your teeth cleaned with regularity, it’s important to periodically update your brand. Even well-established, trusted, and respected practices like ours must take the opportunity to rebrand in this world of ever-changing market positioning and varied audiences. Heck, even the Fortune 500s do it. Because updating the look and feel of our logo, our tagline, and our website is a way to stay on track with current trends, and attract and retain clients. It’s 21st century business 101.

As Erin Menardi mentions in her blog post Brand Strategy: The Top 5 Benefits of Rebranding, there are five key reasons to overhaul your brand:

  1. Connect with a new audience.
  2. Set yourself apart from your competitors.
  3. Stay current.
  4. Reflect new goals, products, offers, or values.
  5. Boost your bottom line.

For those of you who are current clients, thank you. Without you, we wouldn’t have a brand to polish. We have and will continue to rely on your kind words to populate testimonials throughout our new site (did you see one of yours, by chance?). We consider this to be the result of our conscientious dental care and friendly service. Our brand was easier to create because you unknowingly played a huge part in how we want to continue being perceived by you and by a new generation.

To potential patients, we welcome the opportunity to serve you. We have been in the dental business for more than forty years and we believe our reputation speaks for itself. Asheville Dental also thanks you for our new brand. We’re proud of its strong design and sleek look. We think it speaks to a generation who recognizes and appreciates well-built sites, ease of use, and creativity.

And this is just the beginning.

Asheville Dental seeks to communicate regularly via blogs and social media. It’s our desire to be of service in and out of the office. Our industry is ever-changing and we want you to know that we always are involved in learning the latest techniques, using the most advanced technologies, and assuring that you have the most comfortable and friendly dental experience possible. With rebranding comes new awareness. We look forward to your feedback as we move forward in 2017. We strive to be your dental practice of choice from this year forward.

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