Dental Spring Cleaning

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Dental Spring Cleaning

Few things say spring like warmer temperatures, longer days, opening up the windows, and getting your teeth cleaned. Wait, what? Ok, maybe getting your teeth cleaned isn’t the FIRST thing that comes to mind when you think of spring, but cleaning is up there. Everyone knows that spring cleaning is part of the season. Why not add your teeth to the list of cleaning out your closet, recycling the junk in the garage, and hosing off the pollen on your car?

Do I Really Need the Dentist for Cleaning?

Tricky question. In most cases, a dentist actually doesn’t clean your teeth. That task is left to the expertise of a dental hygienist. During your visit, the hygienist will remove calculus and plaque build up. He/she also will:

  • Polish your teeth
  • Floss between your teeth
  • Review recommended brushing and flossing techniques

So What Does the Dentist DO?

The dentist is there to help you with maintenance and prevention. That’s why you want to go at least TWICE a year. Once the hygienist has your chompers bright and shiny, the dentist is going to take a thorough look in your mouth for a dental examination. He/she may have a headlamp on and a shiny instrument in their hand, but it’s ok. They’re doing their job!

What Are They Looking For In There?

Three major things: 1) periodontal disease, 2) gum disease, and 3) tooth decay. Any one of these, or a combination, is no good. That’s why maintenance and prevention are key! They also:

    • Check for loose teeth
    • Look at the tissues inside of your mouth
    • Examine your tongue
    • Check your bite
    • Check for broken teeth
    • Look for damaged fillings
    • Look for changes in the gums covering teeth
    • Evaluate any dental appliance you have
    • Check the contact between your teeth

Then What?

The dentist or hygienist will suggest the best time to return for a follow-up visit. If you’re at high risk of tooth decay or gum disease or have other oral health problems, they may recommend more than two checkups per year.

Call or email us now for an appointment. Make your dental cleaning part of your spring cleaning ritual!

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