CE Hours in Seattle

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CE Hours in Seattle

I admit CE Hours in Seattle doesn’t have the same ring as Sleepless in Seattle. This month, I traveled to the Pacific Northwest to study dental biomechanics at the Kois Center. Staying at the top of my profession and earning CE hours is something I take seriously, even when it means flying across the country.

What are CE Hours?

In North Carolina, dentists must complete 15 hours of continuing education (“CE”) every year. I average 80 CE hours per year because it’s my personal goal to go above and beyond the bare minimum. Staying current on dental trends and procedures in my field is crucial to maintaining an excellent practice. By doing so, I ensure that Asheville Dental remains on the cutting edge of general, sedation, and cosmetic dentistry.

Why Kois Center?

The Kois Center uses many high technological teaching modalities, including computer animation and live video demonstrations. It also offers a comprehensive 9-course curriculum. Of the 9 courses, I’ve finished 1-7. During my recent trip, I completed courses 4-5. These 2 courses totaled 46.5 CE hours.

Why So Many Hours?

You deserve the best care possible. I strive to be highly educated and share my knowledge with our staff.  When we are informed, everyone at Asheville Dental benefits – especially our patients.

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