Back to School Dental Tips for Your Child’s Health

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Back to School Dental Tips for Your Child’s Health

Nothing compares to summer. There’s a sense of ease and an “I’ll get to it later” mentality that takes over us. When the kids have been out of class, reestablishing a routine, especially a dental one, can be tricky, though. We have some back to basics tips that will help everyone get in line just in time for the new school year.

Twice a Day Every Day

Everyone gets a little slack in the summer, but your teeth should never take a break. Get your child’s oral care back on track with a morning and evening oral care regimen. Older kids probably have the right skill set but need a few good reminders. For the younger ones, 8 and down, making dental care fun (yep, fun!) is a great way to instill a healthy habit. Here’s how:

  • Before school: Get dressed and eat breakfast first, then play one of your child’s favorite songs in two-minute increments during brushing time. This will help them get excited and ready for the school day.
  • Before bed: After dinner and homework, read your child’s favorite book aloud for two minutes and some change as they brush and floss. This will get your child excited to hear more of the book the next day (which will make them want to brush!).

Healthy Eating at School

There are so many tempting sugary sweet drinks and foods to enjoy during the summer. Our defenses are down, we indulge, our kids indulge, and then it’s time to reverse course and get back to healthy meals and snacks. Thankfully, good foods are great for our teeth and make for excellent lunch box stuffers. Skip the candy and instead pack wholesome choices like almonds, apples, carrots, water, and cheddar cheese. Added bonus if you substitute water for soda!

Plan Ahead

While you are organizing, go ahead and make sure your child has their dental appointments scheduled for the year. It’s important they visit the dentist every six months to prevent problems and diagnose issues. (Be good to yourself and ensure your appointments are scheduled, too!)

Stock Up

Save yourself a headache later and buy your dental supplies now. Has it been an entire season since you bought a toothbrush? That’s one good way to know you need a new one. You should change them out every 3-4 months, or with the seasons. Make sure your youngster has one that is age appropriate. Buy floss, ADA approved toothpaste, and extra toothbrushes to have on hand, while you’re at it. These things don’t go out of style!

Emergency Kit

Better to be safe than sorry, right? Accidents happen and preparation is key. Having a dental emergency kit at home is an inexpensive investment that can come in handy. You can buy them online or purchase the supplies at a drugstore. Suggested items include gauze, ibuprofen, hydrogen peroxide, and antimicrobial skin wipes.

We wish everyone a smooth transition into a new school year. Have questions related to oral care? Please call us at 828.277.9907. You may also reach us here.

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