Keep Smiling with These Thanksgiving Dental Tips

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Thanksgiving dinner healthy food eating tips

Keep Smiling with These Thanksgiving Dental Tips

Thanksgiving is a special time to gather with friends and loved ones. The fellowship we share is the cornerstone of the holiday. What uniquely ties us together, no matter where we are, is the bounty we sit down at the dinner table to eat. Though our recipes may vary, many of our main courses and sides are the same. Some of these dishes are healthier than others. Naturally we wanted to give you some tips on how to be kind to your teeth during the holiday season.

What’s Good For You?

  • Turkey. The main star contains phosphorus which is crucial in the development of your teeth. It helps rebuild the enamel which is eroded by bacteria.
  • Cranberries — The fresh kind! This tart seasonal fruit is full of flavonoid which helps bacteria from sticking to your teeth. Plus, they’re an anti-inflammatory rich with Vitamin C.
  • Green beans. Preferably steamed rather than in a casserole, these legumes are a good source of magnesium. In order to absorb calcium, which is essential to the development of healthy teeth, your body needs magnesium to do the job.
  • Sweet Potatoes. These tasty tubers are packing Vitamin A which helps the body produce saliva and prevents dry mouth.

What To Watch Out For?

  • Hard Foods. Nuts, rolls, and turkey bones can throw a wrench in your holiday plans. It has the potential to wreck already existing dental work and create new problems.
  • Starch. Watch out for all the starchy foods that taste so good, because the bacteria in your mouth loves them, too.
  • Seconds and Thirds. That first helping was great! Wait 20 minutes before you fill up again. When we eat multiple Thanksgiving plates spread out over the day, the longer we go between brushing, and the longer plaque has to build up.

While you’re enjoying this long-awaited time of year, don’t forget that your oral routine isn’t on vacation. You may even want to get in an extra brush and floss while you’re at it. Your friends and family won’t mind. Everyone wants to see you keep that healthy and happy smile.

Want some additional healthy eating habits that will last you all year long? Here you go!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Asheville Dental.

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