National Simplify Your Life Week – Eight Simple Dental Terms To Know

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National Simplify Your Life Week – Eight Simple Dental Terms To Know

August 1-7 is National Simplify Your Life Week. In observance, we thought it would be helpful to put together eight simple dental terms you should know. Think of it as a crib sheet for your next dentist appointment.

Eight Simple Dental Terms to Know:

  1. Bicuspid: The fourth and fifth teeth from the center of the mouth to the back of the mouth. They are responsible for chewing. Adults have eight bicuspids, including two in front of each group of molars.
  2. Denture: This is a removable or fixed replacement of artificial teeth for missing natural teeth and surrounding tissues. Two types of removable dentures are available — complete and partial. A complete denture is a removable piece that replaces all teeth within an arch. A partial denture fills the gap between two healthy teeth.  
  3. Endodontics: Another field of dentistry concerned with the biology and pathology of the dental pulp and root tissues. 
  4. Fluoride: A mineral that helps strengthen teeth enamel making teeth less susceptible to decay. Ingested through food and water, fluoride also is available in most toothpastes, and is applied as a gel or liquid by a dentist.
  5. Hygienist: A licensed dental professional who is both an oral health educator and clinician. H/she uses preventive, therapeutic, and educational methods to control oral disease.
  6. Implant: A metal rod (usually made of titanium) that is surgically placed into the upper or lower jawbone where a tooth is missing. It becomes the tooth root and anchor for the crown, bridge, or denture.
  7. Occlusal X-rays: An X-ray showing full tooth development and placement. 
  8. Periodontist: Another specialist in diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases of the soft tissues of the mouth, and the supporting structures (bones) of the teeth.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more simple terms, check out WebMD. If you have questions about anything you’ve read here, or on their list of dental terms, please call us. When you’re simplifying your life this week, don’t forget to make sure you have your next dental appointment on the calendar.

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