I grew up in Hendersonville and joined Asheville Dental in 2010 after completing my General Practice Residency at MAHEC in Asheville. I specialize in dental implants and rebuilding teeth as nature intended, helping patients manage sleep apnea, and dental surgery.


Floss and PFAs: Should I Be Concerned?

Have you ever paused to read the label on your dental floss? Before you floss tonight, check the contents. Certain brands of dental floss include harmful chemicals such as Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAs), which have been used in several products globally since the 1950s. Flossing is one of the primary ways to combat cavities…


Surprising Things to Know About Cavities

Have you ever munched on something sweet or sipped a cool beverage and immediately noticed tooth sensitivity or pain? You could have a cavity, defined by the American Dental Association as a missing tooth structure, rotting from decay or erosion from consuming acidic food and beverages, or abrasion due to brushing too hard. Cavities left…